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They are a HORRIBLE company who will rob you blind and send you ***!! I purchased 3 units totaling $200 from them through PayPal. I got no order confirmation or shipping information. After a week, I contacted them asking whats going on. No one responded. I contacted them again (via email) a few days later. Still no response. Theres no contact number on their website (red flag that they are not on the up and up), but theres a number attached to their paypal account, so I called that number. There was no greeting. I left a message, but no one responded. I went to their Facebook page and inboxed them. I was told that the ppl on the FB page have nothing to do with the orders, but they would forward my information to order processing. Never heard from them. I send them a 3rd email, telling them that I was going to report them for fraud and informing them that I am a natural hair blogger and let all the naturalistas I come into contact with, know not to business with them. Miraculously, I got a response and my order was shipped out IMMEDIATELY. It came the next day and boy was it a mess. The wigs that were sent, were either too big, lacked size adjustment straps to customize to varying head shapes/sizes, lacked built in attachment devices/combs to attach to the head, were matted or sparse in hair distribution, were poorly constructed with lots of gaps and spaces in between the rows of hair (large enough for several fingers to fit through) & were made with overstretched elastic that will not fit tightly to the skull. Even with some adjusting & coaxing, the units do not fit properly on the head, are not 'natural' looking, & most of all, are not SECURE. I would never feel comfortable wearing their wigs out in public, for fear of wind or some other action, forcing the unit off of my head. I woudnt let my DOG wear this matted mess they sent me! Paypal denied my dispute, and so im stuck with $200 worthy of fuzzball ***. THey have a 'no return' policy, so once the have your money, its a wrap! So much for supporting 'black owned business".

Oh!! And there are numerous complains about them all over the net!! They are even complaints in the comments section of their Facebook page!! I wish I had done my proper research, BEFORE purchasing from them. Dont be fooled by all the great reviews on natural hair sites/blogs. They probably send the BEST products to those sites and bloggers, leaving the *** for the 'regular' folk. They DID NOT KNOW i am a natural hair blogger when i purchased my order!! They sent me the *** version of their product!!


The pictures show the poor construction, sparse hair placement, gaps and holes, matted hair texture, obvious, unblendable hair lines, stretched out elastic caps, lack of combs/adjustment straps.

THIS is what i paid $200 for!! Save your money!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1239314

be proud of what and who you are. if someone or something is demanding conformity in the form of "good hair", be bigger than that.

all women are beautiful, and even more so when they recognize it about themselves.

i am a straight man, with respect for women, fyi. sure, i'll never understand, but i just want to say that real is real.


Thank you so much for the heads up on this one!

I do my best to try and support black owned businesses the best I can.

I saw a review from a Youtuber who's was wearing an amazing unit from them. Living in the UK can be a risk ordering from the abroad. Im so so pleased that you shared your experience with us.

Needless to say I most definitely will not be ordering anything from them now. They are taking the ***!


Thanks a ton for sharing. I fell in LOVE with one of the units and I began checking the reviews immediately.

Disappointing needles to say. But please don't let this experience deter you from supporting black owned businesses.

Los Angeles, California, United States #849041

I Was going to buy one. Thank You for sharing.

Paypal should be giving you your money back. I will not buy from them. I was so happy to find wigs like that and now i have to keep looking.

Thanks again. I'm so sorry this happen to you.


The havana hair is good...i've ordered that from them several times....the wigs, however, are terrible. I've ordered two and they looked exactly like yours.

With big wide gaps in the rows. Barely any hair on the tracks...do not buy from them!!


but yea the wig looks pretty bad



Sorry to hear about your experience, but I actually have gotten good service from them and quick shipping along with quality hair. I've only ordered the havana twist hair though.

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